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Anderson Automatic Doors provides automatic entry solutions in commercial buildings, focusing on quality relationships, quality product and quality service. 


We create positive, preferred vendor relationships with our clients that result in regular sales and service calls. 

Our employees are treated fairly and are supported in their personal and professional growth. 


Anderson Automatic Doors creates prosperity for its stakeholders, employees and the communities where we work and live. 



Anderson Automatic Door grew out of a need for highly responsive automatic door repair. Co-founder, Jase Anderson, worked for the competition for ten years and never could get on board with the lack of customer service, preferring to build partnerships, rather than focusing exclusively on corporate policies. Because of his personal decision to be both compliant and responsive to customers, he slowly built up a group of clients who requested him for their service, repair and installation needs. Eventually they would only work with him, so in 2018 he left the corporate world, and, along with his marketing, sales and administration expert wife, Cori, started Anderson Automatic Doors. 


We build service relationships with clients in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming in healthcare, senior care, commercial offices, property management firms, colleges and universities, and retail environments. From day one, our most critical metric was, and continues to be, customer service. It guides every aspect of our business and is what builds trust with our partners. 

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